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About Nanofibers

The range of dimensions handled by nanotechnology is considered to be 1 nm to 100 nm, however this is not a strict definition.

In nanofibers, antibacterial properties which are thought to be based on van der Waals forces which appear below about 600 nm in diameter and its structural coloration appears between 300 nm and 800 nm.

Therefore, we agree with the definition of nanofibers as fibers with diameters of 1 nm to 1000 nm where nano-region phenomena occur.

While the fineness of nanofibers is 1 – 1,000 nm, the size of red blood cells are 7,000 nm (= 7 μm, viruses 100 nm = 0.1 μm) and visible light is 380 – 770 nm in light. Comparing these factors, we can see how thin nanofibers are.

Nanofiber products can be categorized into five (5) main segments.

We have started development of heat insulation material, nanofiber down, reinforced concrete, recycled nanofiber, oil adsorbent and filtration filters, and are challenging to further improve production speed.

The production of width of nanofiber can be processed into 1.5 m sheets for a variety of applications.

This new material is expected to be used in the wide range of applications as shown in the list at left.

We aim to make our nanofiber products as key items for our export business in the future.

specific effect of ultrafine fiber Nanofiber

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