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ibuki nanofiber “Heat insulating building material”

◇F☆☆☆☆ (F4STAR) grade

◇Heat insulation performance grade 4 (3 regions and southwards, walls and ceilings)
Products will soon be added to our lineup which meet the energy conservation standard for heat insulation performance grade 5 (ZEH standard).

Based on our proprietary technology, ibuki nanofiber contains a large volume of nano-sized fibers which are intricately intertwined to provide the high performance required of heat insulating construction materials such as super water repellency, anti-fungal properties and high thermal insulation properties.

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◇Super water-repellent and water-absorbing material properties

Since ibuki nanofibers are super water-repellent and do not absorb moisture, there is no decrease in heat insulation performance due to class rank even when installed in areas with condensation.

◇Structural (physical) water repellent structure

Because water repellency is not achieved by coating, there is little degradation over time and strong water repellency can be maintained for a long period of time.

◇No growth of mold on the surface and/or inside

◇Even if installed in a place where there is a high level of condensation, it is possible to maintain sanitation without mold formation.

◇Conforms to UL94HF-1 class equivalent testing

ibuki nanofiber has been evaluated as “self-extinguishing” in a test compliant with UL94*.

It is fire retardant even if a fire origin occurs near ibuki nanofiber.

* UL Standard: A product safety standard established by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) and it is the most influential U.S. certification organization in the world.

5 major features of constructability

  • Fluffy, soft and lightweight
  • Puffed up even when pushed in (resilient)
  • Easy to cut with scissors
  • Easy to fill gaps
  • Comfortable installation

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