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Ultra Oil Adsorption “Line Defense”

A new dimension of oil removing materials
utilizing new nano-technology

Our fibers, which are 1/10th the size of bacteria, create characteristics that overturn established concepts.

Special function by ultrafine nano-sized fibers

ibuki Nanofiber contains a large quantity of ultra-fine fibers, ranging from 50 to 400 nm, achieved through proprietary technology.
As a result, it possesses unique capabilities that defy conventional concepts such as strong intermolecular forces (Van der Waals forces)
providing exceptional water repellency, oil adsorption and oil retention properties.

Conceived & developed by an oil decontamination company that knows the site well.

An oil decontamination company that has been experiencing inconvenience with existing oil collection materials in rivers for many years,
was interested in the characteristics of “ibuki Nanofiber”.
In the meantime, there was an oil spilling accident at a factory in S Pref.,
Japan and we were dispatched urgently to collect & remove the oil that had flowed into the river.
The working staffs were having difficulty with the recovery work and so, they used “ibuki Nanofiber” as a trial and found that it was a remarkable solution for the oil collection & removal. And this accident led to the development of “Line Defense” .
Based on the actual situation at the site and advice from an oil decontamination company, we repeatedly produced prototypes and
the current model was finally developed.

The Concerns of Oil Decontamination Companies Oil recovery in rivers and oceans

The oil fence for oil collection purpose which have been using until now…
・The oil fences that we used to be used absorb only water and very little oil.
・It quickly becomes semi-submerged and oil flows out.
・After a certain period of time,it will sink to the bottom of the river.
・The oil fence must be replaced frequentli.
・It absorb water and becomes heavy and so, it is often impossible to collect it by hand.
 (Cutting and collecting the oil fence or crane trucks are to be necessary.)
・The outer packaging is sometimes tom during collection and the material inside comes out.

Oil spill accident

・In Japan, the number of oil spills from factories and other sources including small-scale spills is approx.1,100 incidents/year. ※
 ※Surveyed by MLIT, Japan Coast Guard & Fire and Disaster Management Agency
・It is also important to prevent the spread of “river pollution” before it flows into the ocean.
・Enormous compensation for damages
 1) Compensation for flow into agricultural land from drainage channels.
 2) Extensive oil recovery costs in oil spilled rivers.
 3) High-pressure cleaning of oil on drainage channels (including ditches).
 4) Liability issues in jurisdictions (local and national governments).
・Oil decontamination work should be carried out in an area ranging from 3 km to 15 km downstream from the point where the spill occurred.

Absorb only oil

Absorption of water is almost zero!

This is extremely rare property of ibuki Nanofibers.
As shown in the experiment below, it absorbs only oil on the water surface and not water

Solves on-site problems when collecting & removing oil from river and oceans

Problems with water-absorbing materials

1)Absorption of water first. This reduces the amount of oil absorbed.
2)Weak buoyancy. Easy to be immersed in water.
Immediately after installation, it will be immersed near the surface of the water,
and the oil overflows.
3)When it absorbs water, its weight increases and making it difficult to collect.
 It is often too heavy to be lifted by hand.
(The cost and time of crane trucks will be increased.)

Strong buoyancy

Keeps floating on the surface of the water and holds back floating oil

・Super water repellency to shut out water infiltration.
・It floats on the surface of the water for a long period of time and thus, it performs as a supplemental oil fence. It does not absorb water
and does not submerge and thus, it is not time consuming to replace it.
・After absorbing oil, it continues to float on the surface of the water even if mud or floss in the water adheres to it.

Line Defence Mechanisms to keep floating

Retains oil strogly Oil will not be easily leaked out

・The structure has a high oil retention capacity which prevents the oil adsorbed from leaking out when holding back the oil.
・Oil retention ability which will not be defeated by water flow.


Installation sites are often located in areas that can only be carried by hands.
The ability to carry large quantities at one time is important point in stopping the expansion of contamination.

The material of “Line Defense” is ultra-light with a specific gravity of 0.015.
Even with a length of 6m*, it weighs only 1.2 kg.

It is not only easy to transport, but also easy to install & handle and it can be a great help in emergency work.

Highly durability and tough design

ibuki Nanofibers are wrapped in a strong net used to prevent wild boars and other vermin. This prevents problems such as the contents from
getting out when the exterior is cut or torn.
Ropes, carabiners, and other metal fittings are also strong.

To respond to voice of the customers on site,wealso have “Filling in gaps” type in our product range

Special product that collects oil passing through gaps near the wall is also available.
The oil spillage can be stopped easily with a simple operation.

Mat Type

・It is important how much oil can be prevented from spreading in the initial response.
・For emergency response to unexpected oil leakage in factories as well as rivers.
 It absorbs a large amount of oil and has excellent oil retention.


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