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Case study

Sushi delivery restaurant (Tokyo)
Food processing plant (Fukushima Pref.)

Case study (1)

Sushi delivery restaurant (Tokyo)

Background to installation

Since sushi is prepared inside the restaurant, the room temperature must be kept at about 15°C.
When the outside temperature is high in summertime, condensation forms inside the room which will be cause of the hygienic problems.

Voice of the customer after the installation

Manager of sushi delivery restaurant, Mr. M.

I feel that the air conditioning works very well compared to other stores where I have previously worked at. (I sometimes felt a little cold in the summer at the previous store and turned the A/C off.)
We need to control the temperature from a food point of view, and because of that, condensation, which used to form frequently, is not occurring now.
Just as winter is approaching, we have begun to turn on the heat in our office space.
We are very happy to feel that the Ibuki’s heat insulating building material works pretty well and the room warms up quickly & comfortably and moreover, we are also happy that we can expect to reduce our utility costs.

Voice of the builder/installer

Construction store, On-site management Mr. O

Compared to the glass wool products we usually use, Ibuki’s products did not prickle at all until the installation was completed and that was more than appreciated.
In terms of ease of installation, we are expecting more sizes will be available in the future.
We are interested in nanofiber products and would like to be informed of any new products when they become available.

Case study (2)

Food processing plant (Fukushima Pref.)

Background to installation

・The condensation was terribly high and water was falling from the ceiling as if it rained.
・Mold is growing and we were concerned about hygiene as well.

Voice of the customer after the installation

・The room gets cooled down well. The temperature reaches the set temperature (15℃) quickly.
・During the current season, the ceiling sometimes looked like it was raining due to condensation, however it is completely gone now.
・Condensation around air conditioner outlets, ventilation ports & lighting equipment has been eliminated.
・Mold has stopped growing.

Voice of the builder/installer

・The installation time reduced to 1/3 of the scheduled time.
・We could install Ibuki’s product very comfortably because it does not prickle like glass wool and the fibers do not fly in the air.
・Even in intricate areas, it was easy to work without creating any gaps. Polite construction can be done.

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